1 3/4" Earrings
1 3/8" Leaf
1" Earring
14 kt. Gold and Sterling Silver Ring w/.25ct Diamond
14kt. Gold and Sterling Silver Ring w/.25 ct. Diamond
2 Horse Heads
2" Single Point
3 Leaf Clover Set
3 pc Turquoise Buckle set
3" Single point horn cap with background removed
3in Cantle Concho
3in. Horn Cap
Basics of Shading Scrolls DVD Package
Beaded String Concho
Belt Buckle
Black Leaf Earring
Black leaf Pendant
Blue Lapis Western Bright Cut
Brand & Initials Buckle Set
Brand and Turq stone
Brand Buckle
Brand Single Point
Buckle and Turq concho
Butterfly Pendant
Cantle Plate
Center Flower
Circle Buckle
Concho Set 1
Concho Set 2
Concho Set 3
Concho Set 4
Concho Set 5
Concho Set 6
Copper Bead Flower Ring
Copper Bracelet
Copper Brand
Copper Center
Cuff Bracelet
Daily Special
Diamond 2
Diamond Bright Cut
Diamond Bright Cut Earrings
Diamond Center Flower
Diamond Concho
Diamond Earrings
Diamond Ring
Diamond Single Point
Domed Scalloped Edge
Double Leaf
Dragonfly 2
Dragonfly 3
Dragonfly Cuff
Dragonfly Scarf Slide
Drawing & Designing Scrolls Book
Elk tooth
Engravers transfer fluid
Flower Concho
Flower Cuff
For Sale
Fowers & Bands
Gents Band
Gold and Sterling Silver Sunflower Ring
Handle 1
Handle 2
Handle 3
His & Her Rings
Honey Bee Ring
Honeybee Bracelet
Horn Cap
Horn Cap
Horn Cap/Cantle Concho
Hummingbird Earrings
Hummingbird Scarf Slide
Initial Money clip
Initial Scarf Slide
Lapis Cuff
Lapis stone Flower Ring
Leaf Earrings
Leaf Earrings
Leaf Scarf Slide
Long Earrings
Money Clip
Money Clips
Narrow Scrolls
Old Timer
Oval buckle
Oval Scalloped Scarf Slide
Oval Single Point
Oval Single Point
Overlay Buckles
Pistol Grips
Pistol Grips
Rectangle Flower
Rectangle Pendant
Rope Edge Band
Rope Edge Bands
Rose Gold 2
Rose Gold Ring
Round Cutout
Round Cutout Earrings
Round with Turquoise Stone
Rounded Triangle Earrings
Saddle Concho
Saddle Set
Scallop Earrings
Scalloped Domed Earrings
Scalloped Edge Flower
Scalloped Edge Pendant
Scalloped Edge Single Point
Scarf Slides
Scroll and Shading Castings
Silver and Gold inlay
Silver Bead Ring
Silver Diamond and Turquoise Pendant
Single Flower Rings
Single Point
Single Point
Single Point
Single Point Gold
Single Point scarf slide
Small Beaded Diamond Concho
Small Circle w/Copper Center
Small Circle with copper center
Small Turquoise Stone
Spur Leather Buckles
Square Beaded Scarf Slide w/ Montana Sapphire
Square Flower Beaded Pendant
Square Pendant
Square Pendant w/brand
Square Turquoise Cuff
Stainless Steel Vaquero
Sterling Buckle back side
Sterling Buckle front side
Sterling Cuff
Sterling Silver and Gold Ring
Sterling Silver Flask
Sterling Silver Flask
Sunflower beads
Sunflower Pendant
Triangle Earrings
Trout Scarf Slide
Turquoise Concho
Turquoise Cuff
Turquoise Diamond Pendant
Turquoise Earrings
Turquoise Earrings
WBC Rounded Triangle Earrings
Wedding Set
Western Birght Cut
Western Bright Cut
Western Bright Cut Bracelet
Western Bright Cut Diamond Ring
Western Bright Cut Rectangle
Western Bright Cut Round Triangle Earrings
Western Bright Cut Scalloped Edge
Western Bright Cut String Concho
Western Bright Cut with Heart
Wide Cuff
Wide Cuff